Improve Efficiency and Organization Development

Demonstrated courage and confidence; participated in long- and short-term goal development. Planning, researched and developed valued added initiatives for setting goals and business expansion; worked with the staff and facilitate them reaching their highest standards of productivity, quality, and service.

Client Management

Communicating to customers, the most efficient way to meet their needs, re-designing or assisting in the design of any innovations, modifications or adaptations to suit a client’s needs. Providing clinical and career/life coaching, counseling for young adults and families. Supporting clients through the process of goal clarification, conflict resolution, time management, and task organization.

Professionalized Management Practices

Coaching and motivating clients in their achievement of personal goals. Helping them understand their objectives for choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals and determining priorities. Establishing and maintaining collaborative and productive working relationships with the cross-functional team.


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