Life is not one-sided: it’s all about mastering two important relationships.You need to learn to relate with yourself, and with others. How can you achieve that? It all starts with introspection and communication!

DesignUrlifenow is a company by Deborah Scott McKenzie, a certified speaker, trainer, and coach. She has a particular focus on relationships and performance coaching, and she loves to help people navigate the ins and outs of their relationships!

Prior to starting DesignUrlifenow, Deborah worked as an entrepreneurial marketer for over 16 years, and she has a unique ability to motivate business partners and inspire them to succeed, despite the limitations they might face! She is also a former registered nurse, who has learned so much about empathy, and helped people overcome health challenges as well!

Deborah herself has been married for 20 years, and she currently lives in Long Island, with her husband. They have two sons together, bringing so much pride and joy into their lives!