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At Design Ur Life Now, we help individuals and organizations become the best version of themselves. We facilitate real growth and improvement through experienced life coaching and practical exercises. By utilizing our strengths, we empower our clients with the wisdom, techniques, and knowledge to dive deep within and find their true potential.

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My name is Deborah Scott McKenzie, and I am a Certified Life Coach with over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare industry as a registered nurse. Over the years, I have gained the knowledge and experience in guiding clients to new phases of achievement and productivity. To me, there’s no stronger power than the willingness to change. I have experience in executive-level planning, organizational skills, and implementation of key initiatives. One of my main focuses has been working alongside businesses to maximize team performance through practical training, open communication, and mutual respect. I have a proven track record of empowering business leaders to succeed by fostering a workplace environment conducive to overall growth.

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Design UR Life NOW

Everyone has the potential to be great—all you have to do is recognize it. We work closely with individuals and organizations to work on different small interpersonal skills that can leave a big impact. Whether it’s working on your own goals, needs, and habits or the elements that affect your business’s functioning, we can help you on your path to real success.

Leading businesses to new levels of efficiency and success.

Improving business relationships through better communication.

Career coaching for renewed motivation and goal-setting.

One-on-one therapy sessions with a professional.

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